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Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes

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 In addition to escorting WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and terminally-ill War Veterans from these wars to Washington, DC, Honor Flight Dayton also proudly honors (1) deceased Veterans who never saw their memorials and (2) living Veterans who may never be able to see their memorials. {Note: Veterans who are scheduled to travel with Honor Flight Dayton do not qualify for this special program). We accomplish this at the memorials by conducting a ceremony that is referred to as Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes.  It is our desire to show the respect so richly deserved to the Veterans who fall into these categories.


For those who would like to participate in this program, Honor Flight Dayton requests a 5 x 7 photo of the Veteran, preferably while in the service. As part of the ceremony, we will photograph an American flag along with the Veteran’s picture at the appropriate memorial(s).



After the trip, the family will receive an 8 x 10 color photo and a certificate from Honor Flight Dayton honoring their Veteran. The original photo will also be returned at this time.  There is no charge for participating in this program; this is Honor Flight Dayton’s way of showing our respect and appreciation to our Veterans in these categories.


If you are interested in participating in the Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes  program, click here to obtain the required form.  For additional information, please contact:

Charlie Castilano 1565 Mapleton Drive Centerville, OH  45459 Phone: (937) 439-4125 (normal business hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM; please leave a message if necessary) Email:  ccastilano@gmail.com
Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes is just another way Honor Flight Dayton enables families to pay tribute to those Veterans who gave us our freedom that we enjoy today.
Thank You for your support!
Larry Blackmore,  Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes  Coordinator Honor Flight Dayton Board Member/Guardian (937) 339-0059