2024 Flights: August 10 (flight lands 9:30 pm)- September 21 (flight lands 8:30 pm)
RVC trips: TBD
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my wife (husband) go with me?
A: Spouses cannot be guardians. Spouses who are Veterans and who are eligible for the trip may travel on the same flight. 

Q: I am the widow of a Veteran. Can I go?
A: Unfortunately, the answer is “no”. These trips were designed to honor veterans for their military service. Adding spouses and widows simply is not an option for our program.

Q: How much does it cost? How much money do I need to bring?

A: Veterans do not need to bring any money unless they intend to purchase souvenirs.

Q: Can my son, daughter, grandson, etc. go as a guardian?
A: Yes, as long as they can fulfill the duties of guardian and are physically able to provide support to our veterans. Guardians must be between the ages of 18-70, and pay for their own expenses (currently $450).

Q: Can I make a donation to Honor Flight Dayton?
A:  Honor Flight Dayton gratefully accepts donations to defray the costs of our program.  The cost is FREE for all Veterans. This is our way of saying “Thank You”!

Q: How do you decide which Veterans get to go?
A:  Veterans are flown on a “first-come, first-served basis.” Within the applicants, top priority is currently given to World War II veterans and all other Veterans with terminal illness followed by Korean War and Vietnam Veterans. 

Q: How are you funded?
A: Honor Flight Dayton receives no Local, State or National government sponsorship. Our funding comes from individuals and companies who wish to recognize the great accomplishments and sacrifices of our Veterans. Fraternal organizations like local American Legion, VFW, Am Vets, and DAV are also contributors.

Q: What if the Veteran will need a wheelchair or is on oxygen?
A:  WHEELCHAIRS — In order to prevent damage to veterans’ personal wheelchairs, Honor Flight Dayton provides all wheelchairs necessary for the trip.  Our deluxe motor coaches are ordered with wheelchair lifts.  

OXYGEN — If a veteran requires oxygen, a prescription for the oxygen must be provided by the veteran’s healthcare provider identifying the delivery method (mask or nasal cannula), frequency (as needed or continuously), and the rate of delivery. Veterans must provide an oxygen concentrator for use during the flight. Honor Flight Dayton will provide oxygen cylinders to be used once we are on the ground in Washington, DC.  Veterans must provide oxygen from their home to the Dayton airport and from the Dayton airport back to their homes. No oxygen cylinders are permitted on the aircraft.

If a veteran requires oxygen during the trip, please call us at (937) 322-4448 to discuss arrangements. 

Q: Are terminally ill veterans given any special priority?
A: Terminally ill veterans from any conflict are scheduled for the next flight departing to Washington DC.